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Bulk Mulch Principles and Practices

Course Instructor: Don Dugger

Date: Self-led course, complete within 90 days of purchase.

Time: 32 Minutes

Location: Online/Self Study

Course Cost: MSC Member Companies: $99.00 / Non-member $199

Prerequisites: None

Completion Certificate: Yes; On-line Test

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Online Course Description

This course is designed to help industry managers understand the challenge of determining volume for bulk mulch sales. It discusses issues impacting load variability; procedures for determining bucket load volumes, product compression, employee training, load verification and point-of-sale responsibilities for weights & measures.

Topics include:

  • Bulk volume objectives
  • Validating loader bucket volume
  • Building a calibration box
  • Loader volume determination process
  • Bulk loading procedure
  • Field test study & results
  • Mulch compression factors
  • FOB vs. Delivered Product

Learning Objectives

Course participants will be able to:

  • Understand issues regarding bulk loading of mulch
  • Understand product characteristics that impact bulk volume
  • Determine how to calibrate loader bucket volume
  • Identify issues for operator and loader performance
  • Understand point-of-sale responsibilities