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Mulch & Soil Council

Presentations & Recordings of
40th Annual Meeting Speakers

Fellows Taking Control of Environmental Issues
Our 2011 Keynote speaker, Bruce Vincent, is a third generation logger from Libby, Montana.

Bruce helped form and is currently serving as President of Communities For A Great Northwest, Executive Director of Provider Pals and is co-owner of Environomics.

Bruce speaks throughout the United States and the world, has testified on resource issues before Congress and has appeared on several news programs such as “60 Minutes”.  Bruce has been named Timberman of the Year in Montana, National Forest Activist of the Year, received the Agri-Women’s 2007 Veritas Award, and in 2004 received the inaugural Presidential Preserve America Award from President Bush.

Bruce has been married to his wife Patti Jo for over 30 years and has four children, two sons-in-law, and one granddaughter.  His current activities represent a family commitment to responsible environmentalism.

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FellowsWhat’s Happening in Transportation?
Noël Perry
is the rare economist to specialize in transportation and logistics.  Noël has followed his passionate interest in the way freight moves over a forty-year career, beginning on a loading dock and culminating in his role as a leading industry consultant.  In private practice Noël continues his strategic work on customer logistics economics, North American transportation demand, carrier competition and ground-breaking research on truck driver supply and demand.  His innovative work in freight demand modeling, modal price competition and driver labor economics are in wide-spread use.  He also maintains his extensive relations with the logistics analysis community, from security analysts to analytical vendors to trade associations.

Before founding Transport Fundamentals  Noël served for thirty years in senior research positions at Schneider National, Cummins Engine Company and CSX.  That gives him a uniquely broad perspective on the market, covering three modes: rail, truck, barge and the supplier sector.   Frequently published, he is a member of the Transportation Research Board, the Transportation Research Forum, the National Business Economists’ Issues Council, the Council Of Logistics Management and, in his spare time, the Society For American Baseball Research.

Noël holds degrees in Architecture from the University Of Pennsylvania and City Planning from Harvard University and is a graduate of Girard College, a unique primary and secondary school in Philadelphia.  In his spare time he is a gardener, singer, golfer and amateur World War II historian. 

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Product Labeling
Ken Butcher
works for the Office of Weights and Measures for the National Institute of Standards and Technology where he is responsible for the NIST Handbooks on Packaging and Labeling and Net Quantity of Contents verification.  He advises the states, other federal agencies and the National Conference on Weights and Measures on a wide variety of weights and measures issues and he represents the U.S. in the International Organization for Legal Metrology where he advises in the areas of laws and regulations and package labeling and quantity control. 

He has worked in the field of weights and measures for more than 38 years. During his career he has served as the Director of the Weights and Measures Programs in both West Virginia and Maryland.  Ken joined NIST in 1991 and was the original editor of the 4th Edition of NIST Handbook 133 “Checking the Net Contents of Packaged Goods” which is today a national standard used by the states and federal government to ensure equity and fair completion in the marketplace. 

Ken has BA in Management from Hood College in Frederick, Maryland and earned his law degree from the University of Maryland School of Law in Baltimore.   

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Fellows The Crow Report
David Crow
founded DCLRS in 1991 with the goal of developing a full-service government relations practice with expertise in legislative and regulatory affairs.  He has built a small and talented team specializing in a number of policy areas including agriculture, climate policy, energy, international, labor and immigration, pesticides and fertilizers, small business, transportation and infrastructure, and water policy. 

In a career that began in 1975, David has developed a wide range of contacts and knowledge working for Rep. Tom Coleman (R-MO), Secretary of Agriculture Jack Block, the Fertilizer Institute, the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives and the Jefferson Group. David also speaks to a wide range of industry audiences. He continues to be deeply engaged in the political process, raising money for candidates who represent issue areas and geographical regions that impact our clients. David also worked on several presidential and congressional campaigns in order to connect our clients to the political process.

David is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in Political Science and Journalism and has an MPA from The George Washington University.  David has also taken a number of law courses in environmental policy from Georgetown University and the USDA Graduate School.  David served as a Naval Reserve Officer in Public Affairs from 1985 to 1991

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FellowsSustainability’s Impact on Your Business
Daniel Krohn
is the sustainability lead at Becker Underwood. Daniel is responsible for leading and developing the corporate sustainability program for all of Becker Underwood’s domestic and international operations, researching and implementing best practices related to environmental, social and economical sustainability and creating sustainability teams at each of Becker Underwood’s facilities to integrate sustainable practices into the company culture at all levels. Prior to his current position, Daniel worked as a research and development chemist at Colorbiotics, an independent business unit of Becker Underwood. He has an MBA and a BA in biology. Daniel has additional training and education in sustainability practices from One Planet Leaders (World Wildlife Fund), Natural Resources Canada (NRC) and Point Carbon – Carbon Trading.

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FellowsForest Industry Trends & Forecast
Henry Spelter
is a Partner at FEA, responsible for Bioenergy and Wood Products analysis. Henry is the lead analyst for FEA’s Wood Biomass Forecast Service publications and he also authors FEA’s Lumber Markets – Status & Trends monthly publication. 

Henry’s career has spanned three decades at the U.S. Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, WI where he was responsible for analysis of the lumber and panel industries. He authored over 100 reports covering developments in the wood products markets including a series of benchmark studies profiling the softwood lumber and structural panel sectors.  He also developed an extensive model of North American lumber demand as well as collaborating on a comprehensive analysis that examined the competitiveness of the U.S. forest products industry. More recently he co-authored an influential report called entitled “North America’s Wood Pellet Sector”, which profiled the pellet industry and broke down capacity on a mill-by-mill basis.  For six years he authored a continuing series of monthly commentaries on the wood products markets.

Henry began his career as a forestry assistant in the Cook County (Illinois) Forest Preserves after which he spent four years with the consulting firm Data Resources Inc in Lexington, MA where he was manager of the forest products FORSIM service.

Henry has wide consulting experience including assignments with the Pacific Northwest National Forests, the Commerce Department, the International Trade Representative’s office as well as many U.S. and Canadian forest products firms.

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FellowsObama Care
John Hazard
has been a partner with the firm since 1988 and is admitted to practice in Washington, D.C. and Virginia.

His practice includes all areas of nonprofit corporate and tax law including antitrust, tax, contracts, human resource matters, mergers, compensation, and intellectual property. Mr. Hazard has worked with and represents associations and companies of all types including publicly traded and private corporations, trade and professional groups, foundations, charities, and sports groups. Mr. Hazard has litigated numerous trademark infringement matters both in the U.S. and abroad, as well as domain name disputes and general corporate matters. He has been very successful in stopping trademark infringement for many of his clients and regularly assists in developing intellectual property policing and registration programs on a world-wide basis.

Mr. Hazard has lectured extensively in the areas of corporate governance, mergers, trademark and copyright infringement, and is the author of a treatise on copyright law, Copyright Law In Business and Practice (Thomson West), which is updated twice annually. He is the general counsel for the American Payroll Association, the Institute of Internal Auditors, the Messenger Courier Association of the Americas, the Mulch & Soil Council, the American Music Therapy Association, United Service Association for Health Care and many other associations and for-profit companies.

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New Packaging Technologies
Join us for a lively panel discussion of what is new in packaging technology and what new developments are coming soon.

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