47th Annual Meeting Presentations

Program Speakers

47th Annual Meeting
Mills House Hotel
Charleston, SC
October 3-4, 2018

Wednesday, October 3

1:30p-2:30p The Crow Political Report – MSC Legislative Rep David Crow will review the effectiveness of the present Administration's policies in promoting jobs, the economy, national security and other key legislative and regulatory reforms promised since the last MSC annual meeting.
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3:00p-4:00p Industry Fire Report – Hear a special report on industry research debunking the urban myth of spontaneous combustion of mulch in landscape and garden applications.
PDF Download Audio of Robert LaGasse presentation
PDFDownload PDF of Robert LaGasse presentation
4:15p-5:30p Annual Business Meeting – Join us for reports from the President, Treasurer, committees and Executive Director. We will also conduct elections for members of the MSC Board of Directors
6:00p-7:30p Opening Reception – Join our Affiliate and Associate Members for cocktails and displays on the latest technologies and equipment. Sponsored by T.H. Glennon.

Thursday, October 4

8:30a-9:15a Plant Safety – Plant safety must be more than a program to be successful — it has to be a company culture. Hear how you can improve your operational efficiency to prevent plant accidents or injuries. Panelists: Chris Littlefield, Kellogg Garden Products; Scott Salmon, Oldcastle Lawn & Garden; Don Dugger, ScottsMiracle-Gro
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9:30a-10:15a Understanding HR in the #MeToo Era - Find out how the #MeToo movement has changed corporate human relations and what your company needs to do to adapt. Speaker: Anthony Kuchulis, Barran Liebman, LLP
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PDFDownload PDF of Anthony Kuchulis presentation
10:30a-11:15a Trucking HOS and ELD Mandates – Over 50% of our industry shipments occur in March, April and May. ELD regulations have created a firestorm of issues for the trucking industry, especially for short-season products like mulch & soil. Hear how these new regulations impact your business and the management dilemmas for private and common carrier trucks. Presenter: Don Lemmons, Interstate Wood Products.
PDF Download Audio of Dale Lemmons presentation
PDFDownload PDF of Dale Lemmons presentation
11:30p-1:45p Keynote Luncheon: Seeing Around the Corner: The Mega Trends That Change Everything — As computer capacity and speed approach infinity, every element of society and business changes in ways that could never have been imagined just five years ago. Droids replace almost all human activities from driving to teaching and manufacturing changes everything from cooking to vaccine development. World affluence and cyber connected consumers give rise to the age of artisans as employment, entertainment and education are transformed continuously. Boundless prosperity awaits those that can see and embrace these new possibilities. With provocative knowledge and lots of humor, this Keynote presentation will bring you information to gain a competitive advantage in todays ....mad, mad world. Speaker: Lowell Catlett, New Mexico State University, Albuquerque, NM SPONSORED BY: BASF
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2:00p-2:45p Transportation Management Systems – Hear what options your company has to optimize your transportation management needs. Presenters: Anthony Brocato, Swanson Bark & Wood Products; Karen Stetner, Garick, LLC.
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3:00p-4:00p What's New in Materials Screening Technologies? Join us for special presentations on the new materials screening products and services being offered to the industry. Presenters: Owen Smyth & Ian Williamson, Powerscreen.
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4:00p-5:30p Presidents Reception – Join us for our closing event as the President’s Reception gives participants the opportunity to recap the bounty of information presented at the meeting and say goodbye to old and new friends before returning home. SPONSORED BY: AgriCoatings