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52nd Annual Meeting Presentations

Program Speakers

52nd MSC Annual Meeting
The DeSoto Hotel
Savannah, GA
October 10 - 12, 2023

Our 52nd Annual Meeting was another RECORD BREAKING attendance with a final count of 221 participants which was an increase of 7.3% over the previous record of 206 participants set in 2022 and a 133% increase over our previous Savannah attendance of 95 in 2006.

Presentation Recordings
Below is a copy of the program schedule for the Charlotte meeting with links to PDF copies of available presentation decks and audio recordings of each session. Click on the links to download a copy of the files.

52nd MSC Annual Meeting
Program Schedule

Tuesday, October 10

1:00p-3:00p MSC Certification Committee Meeting— Members in good standing are welcomed to participate in the committee meeting as observers.
3:15p-4:00p Industry Statistics Committee— Members in good standing are welcomed to participate in the committee meeting as observers.
4:00p-5:00p Member Dues Committee— Members in good standing are welcomed to participate in the committee meeting as observers.
5:00p-6:30p MEET THE MSC BOARD of DIRECTORS — Join the MSC Board of Directors for informal talks over cocktails as they share information on the programs and activities of the Council and the industry.
Sponsored by: nVenia
6:30p Dinner On Your Own

Wednesday, October 11

8:00a-12:30p MSC Board of Directors Meeting— Members in good standing are welcomed to participate in the committee meeting as observers.
1:00p-1:30p Official Opening and Welcome — Hear from MSC President Jim Weber, Program Chair Larry Doose, Legal Counsel John Hazard and Executive Director Robert LaGasse as we invite you to join us for the start of the 51st MSC Annual Meeting.
1:30p-2:30p Crow Political Report — Join us as MSC Legislative Representative DAVID CROW presents our annual update on the state of politics in the U.S. Speaker: David Crow, D.C. Legislative & Regulatory Services
PDF Download Audio of THE CROW REPORT

2:30p-3:00p BREAK – Sponsored By: T.H. Glennon
3:00p-4:30p 52nd MSC Annual Membership Meeting — Hear reports from MSC leadership and committees, elect Council directors and discuss MSC programs and activities as they may impact your business and the industry. Moderator: Robert LaGasse, MSC Executive Director.
PDF Download Audio of 2023 MSC Membership Meeting
PDF Download PDF of Membership Meeting Presentation
4:30p-7:00p Opening Reception & Affiliate Member Displays — Join us to meet with old friends and new members over cocktails and hors d'oeuvres while visiting with the industry's leading suppliers and vendors. Sponsored By:Vermeer

Thursday, October 12

8:30a-9:00a Morning Coffee — Sponsored By Faltech

Canadian Peat: Ideal for Growing, for Generations to Come: Peat has been recognized by generations of growers and consumers worldwide as the quintessential growing media component with characteristics that are unrivalled. Peatlands, from which peat is extracted, constitute a very precious ecosystem that plays a role in carbon sequestration, a key factor in global warming. At a time when questioning the GHGs we emit and sustainability has become the norm and when, sometimes, context is put aside and unfortunately replaced by information from other parts of the world, CSPMA, the association of Canadian peat producers, presents the science, 30-years in the making, about the Canadian Peat extraction industry and how it sees its sustainable future. Speakers: Asha Hingorani, CSPMA & Michel Guay, Premier Tech
PDF Download Audio of Canadian Peat Presentation
PDF Download PDF of Canadian Peat Presentation
PDF Download PDF of Canadian Peat Fact Sheet

10:00a-10:30a Break — Sponsored by Chromascapes

What Is Biochar? - This presentation will seek to provide an overview of the current state of biochar as a commercial product and answer the questions: What is biochar?, How is it made?, Why is that different that just burning wood?, How does biochar sequester carbon?, What to do with biochar?, What is the value $$$?, What opportunities are there in biochar for soil amendment producers, vendors, applicators, and benefactors?, How to get involved with the emerging industry? Speaker: Nick Vetsch, TRUE Advisor
PDF Download Audio of "What Is Biochar?"
PDF Download PDF of "What Is Biochar?" Presentation

KEYNOTE Luncheon

It’s an impersonal world, where so many products and services are seen as easily-replaced, indistinct commodities. Whether you stand out or get lost in the crowd is a choice. A mindset. Ken Schmidt faced those same challenges himself and gained acclaim for his role in the extraordinary turnaround of the legendary Harley-Davidson Motor Company. That was basedtransformation on a change in mindset and a focus on answering three key strategic questions. While times have changed, what humans want and need from the businesses they buy from and work for hasn’t. In his high-energy speeches, Ken inspires companies and individuals to shift their thinking and ride a path to success by becoming memorable – not for what they do or what they make, but for how they connect with people.
Speaker: Ken Schmidt, Former Harley-Davidson Director.
PDF Download Audio of Ken Schmidt Keynote
PDF Download PDF of Ken Schmidt Powerpoint Presentation
2:00p-3:00p Technology That Works: – This session will cover 8 types of technology that have been implemented that will give any operation a higher level of management, control and reduce costs. Speaker: Ben Ballard, Sylva Corporation
PDF Download Audio of Technology That Works Presentation.
PDF Download PDF of Technology That Works Presentation
3:00p-3:30p Break — Sponsored By: Social Marks Media
3:30p-4:30p How To Manage Through A Catastrophic Event: — Hear from a panel of members who have experienced these situations and learn what they did to navigate through their crisis and what they have done to guard against this from happening again. Advice will be given as to the proper insurance coverage to have, how to negotiate with insurance companies, and also adopting best management practices. Moderator: Larry Doose, Annual Meeting Program Chair
PDF Download Audio of Catestrophic Loss Panel
PDF Download PDF of Panel Presentations
4:30p-6:00p President's Reception – Join us for our closing event as the President’s Reception gives participants the opportunity to recap the bounty of information presented at the meeting and say goodbye to old and new friends before returning home reenergized.
Sponsored By: Viably
6:00p Meeting Ends